eBay Trading APIVersion 1371

Applicable values for VerifyAddFixedPriceItemRequest.Item.ShippingDetails.ShippingType

(in/out) Calculated shipping model: the cost of shipping is determined in large part by the seller-offered and buyer-selected shipping service. The seller might assess an additional fee via PackagingHandlingCosts.
(in/out) The seller specified one or more calculated domestic shipping services and one or more flat international shipping services.
(in/out) Reserved for future use.
(in/out) Flat shipping model: the seller establishes the cost of shipping and cost of shipping insurance, regardless of what any buyer-selected shipping service might charge the seller.

Note: This shipping type includes an option for a Flat Rate Freight shipping service. For details about freight shipping, see Specifying Freight Shipping in the eBay Features Guide.
(in/out) The seller specified one or more flat domestic shipping services and one or more calculated international shipping services.
(in/out) Freight shipping model. Available only for the US, UK, AU, CA and CAFR sites, and only for domestic shipping. FreightFlat applies to shipping with carriers that are not affiliated with eBay. It is negotiated freight, not a flat rate. Sellers negotiate the shipping cost with their chosen carrier and the buyer before completing the sale. FreightFlat shipping may be used when calculated shipping cannot be used due to the greater weight of the item.

For details about freight shipping, see Freight shipping in the Trading API User Guide.
(in/out) The seller did not specify the shipping type.
(Not all values in ShippingTypeCodeType apply to this field.)