eBay Trading APIVersion 1371

GeteBayDetailsRequestType ( AbstractRequestType )

This is the base request type for the GeteBayDetails call. This call retrieves the latest eBay feature-related metadata values that are supported when listing items. This metadata includes country codes, currency codes, Item Specifics thresholds, supported Return Policy values, available shipping carriers and shipping service options, and more. This call may be used to keep metadata up-to-date in your applications.

In some cases, the data returned in the response will vary according to the eBay site that you use for the request.

Call that uses GeteBayDetailsRequestType:


DetailName ( DetailNameCodeType ) [0..*]
One or more DetailName fields may be used to control the the type of metadata that is returned in the response. If no DetailName fields are used, all metadata will be returned in the response. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the metadata that can be returned with GeteBayDetails by reading through the enumeration values in DetailNameCodeType.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use DetailName.