eBay Resolution Case Management APIVersion 1.3.0


Parent type for activity option types in the getActivityOptions response. These types include the following: AppealToCustomerSupportOptionType, ContactCustomerSupportOptionType, EscalateToCustomerSupportOptionType, IssueFullRefundOptionType, IssuePartialRefundOptionType, OfferOtherSolutionOptionType, ProvideRefundInfoOptionType, ProvideShippingInfoOptionType, ProvideShippingOrTrackingInfoOptionType, ProvideTrackingInfoOptionType, and RequestBuyerToReturnOptionType.

Type that uses BaseActivityOptionType:

Call that uses BaseActivityOptionType:


buyerPreference ( boolean ) [0..1]
Not used by any call.

This field indicates which of the available activity options for a seller is the buyer's preference for resolving the case. The buyer's preference is stated when the buyer opens the case in the Resolution Center. For an Item Not Received case, the buyerPreference field is only returned for activityOptions.issueFullRefund. For a Significantly Not As Described case, the buyerPreference field is only returned for activityOptions.issuePartialRefund and activityOptions.requestBuyerToReturn. Only one activity option returned for a seller in the getActivityOptions response can be the buyer's preference. In other words, the buyerPreference field can only be 'True' for one activity option returned to the seller in the response.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use buyerPreference.