eBay Resolution Case Management APIVersion 1.3.0

EscalateToCustomerSupportOptionType ( BaseActivityOptionType )

Type that defines the escalateToCustomerSupport container. If the escalateToCustomerSupport activity option is returned in the getActivityOptions response, the seller can use the escalateToCustomerSupport call to escalate an open case to eBay customer support.

Type that uses EscalateToCustomerSupportOptionType:

Call that uses EscalateToCustomerSupportOptionType:


customerSupportResponseTimeInHours ( integer ) [0..1]
The customerSupportResponseTimeInHours field gives the projected eBay customer support response time (in hours) if the seller decides to escalate an open case. eBay customer support should escalate the case (or deny the escalation) within this time frame.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use customerSupportResponseTimeInHours.