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Types that use CreateSubscriptionFilterRequest

Not used by any types.

Call that uses CreateSubscriptionFilterRequest


The content of a subscription filter as a valid JSON Schema Core document (version 2020-12 or later). The filterSchema provided must describe the subscription's notification payload such that it supplies valid criteria to filter the subscription's notifications.

Note: Not all topics can have filters applied to them. Use getTopic and getTopics requests to determine if a specific topic is filterable. Filterable topics have the boolean filterable returned as true in the response.
Note: If the JSON supplied as a subscription filter specifies a field that does not exist in the notifications for a topic, or if the topic is not filterable, the filter will be rejected and become DISABLED. If it is valid, however, the filter will move from PENDING status to ENABLED status.
Initially, when the createSubscriptionFilter request has been made, if the request has a valid JSON body a 201 Created is returned. After that, the validation of the filterSchema happens. See Creating a subscription filter for a topic for additional information.