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This type is used by each listing violation that is returned under the violations container.

Type that uses ComplianceDetail


Call that uses ComplianceDetail


This value states the nature of the listing violation. A reasonCode value is returned for each listing violation, and each compliance type can have several reason codes and related messages. The reasonCode values vary by compliance type. The reason codes for each compliance type are summarized below.

Aspects adoption

The reason codes for ASPECTS_ADOPTION compliance indicate that for the given violation, aspects listed in the violationData container are either missing from the listing or they have invalid values. The reason codes specify whether the violation is for required aspects, recommended (preferred) aspects, or soon to be required aspects.


The reason codes for HTTPS compliance identify where in the listing the violation occurs. For HTTPS policy violations, the seller will just need to remove the HTTP link (or update to HTTPS) from the listing details or product details:

Non-eBay links

The reason codes for OUTSIDE_EBAY_BUYING_AND_SELLING compliance identify the specific type of data (e.g., telephone number) that violated the policy. For each of these violations, the seller will just need to revise the listing, removing this information:

Product adoption

Product Adoption is not enforced at this time.

Product adoption conformance

Product Adoption is not enforced at this time.

Returns policy

The only RETURNS_POLICY reason code is UNSUPPORTED_RETURNS_PERIOD. The seller will have to revise their listing (or return business policy) with a supported return period for the site and category. The GetCategoryFeatures call of the Trading API can be used to verify the supported return periods for a particular category. For most eBay categories, the minimum return period that can be stated in a Returns Policy is 14 days for domestic and international sales, but some categories require a minimum 30-day return period.
This field provides a textual summary of the listing violation. A message field is returned for each listing violation. This message will vary widely based on the compliance type and corresponding reason code.
This container defines the variation within a multiple-variation listing that has the listing violation. This container is only returned if an individual variation within a multiple-variation listing has the listing violation.
array of NameValueList
This container provides more information about the listing violation, if applicable. The type of information that appears here will vary based on the compliance type and type of violation. For example, for ASPECTS_ADOPTION violations, this container lists the missing aspect(s) or aspect(s) with invalid values.
This container is returned for ASPECTS_ADOPTION violations if eBay has found one or more item aspect name-value pairs that may be appropriate for the seller's product. In many cases, the missing or incorrect item aspect(s) shown under the corresponding violationData array, will also show up under the aspectRecommendations array with suggested value(s).

Note: eBay catalog product adoption is not enforced for any eBay category at this time, so a recommended eBay product ID (aka ePID) will not be returned under the productRecommendation container at this time.
The enumeration value returned in this field indicates if the listing violation is considered to be OUT_OF_COMPLIANCE with an eBay listing policy, or the listing is considered to be AT_RISK of becoming non-compliant against an eBay listing policy.

Generally, OUT_OF_COMPLIANCE policy violations can prevent the seller from revising a listing until the underlying violation(s) can be remedied. When the compliance state is AT_RISK, the seller is not blocked from revising the listing, but the seller should correct the violation to prevent the listing from being blocked for revisions in the future.

Note: This field is returned for most violations, but not all. In the case that this field is not returned, it can be assumed that the state of the listing violation is OUT_OF_COMPLIANCE.

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