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This type contains a breakdown of all costs associated with the fulfillment of a line item.

Type that uses DeliveryCost


Calls that use DeliveryCost


The amount of any import charges applied to international shipping of the line item. This container is only returned if import charges apply to the line item.
The total cost of shipping all units of the line item. This container is always returned even when the shipping cost is free, in which case the value field will show 0.0 (dollars).
This field shows the fee due to eBay's international shipping provider for a line item that is being shipped through the Global Shipping Program.

This container is only returned for line items being shipped internationally through the Global Shipping Program, which is currently only supported in the US and UK marketplaces.

Note: The value returned for this field will always be 0.0 for line items sold in the UK marketplace.