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The regulatory container, as well as its child containers and fields, will not be available until March 1, 2023.

Type defining the Hazmat and RepairScore regulatory containers that are used at the listing level to provide hazardous material related information and the repair score.

Types that use Regulatory


Calls that use Regulatory


This container is used by the seller to provide hazardous material information for the listing.

Three elements are required to complete the Hazmat section of a listing:
  • Pictograms
  • SignalWord
  • Statements

The fourth element, Component, is optional.
This field represents the repair index for the listing.

The repair index identifies the manufacturer's repair score for a product (i.e., how easy is it to repair the product.) This field is a floating point value between 0.0 (i.e., difficult to repair,) and 10.0 (i.e., easily repaired.)

The format for repairScore is limited to one decimal place. For example:
  • 7.9 and 0.0 are both valid scores
  • 5.645 and 2.10 are both invalid scores

Note: This field is currently only applicable to a limited number of categories in the French marketplace. Use the getExtendedProducerResponsibilityPolicies method to return the list of categories that support repair score. In the response, look for all categories that show REPAIR_SCORE in the field, and the corresponding usage field will indicate if repair score is optional, recommended, or required for that category.