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A type that contains the fields for the UpdateKeywordByKeywordId request.

Type that uses UpdateKeywordByKeywordIdRequest


Call that uses UpdateKeywordByKeywordIdRequest


This container is used to set or change the bid percentage for the keyword. Each time a listing is retrieved in search results using this keyword and clicked on, the seller will be charged this amount. Each click goes toward the daily budget set up for the Cost Per Click (CPC) campaign.
This field is used to identify the keyword to be updated. The getKeyword method can be used to retrieve keywordId values.
Include this field if you wish to change the status of the keyword. The status value specified here must be different than the keyword's current status. To confirm the current status of a keyword, you can use the getKeyword method.

If the status of the ad is currently ACTIVE, you can change status to PAUSED or ARCHIVED. If ad group is currently in PAUSED status, you can change the status back to ACTIVE. Ads that are currently in ARCHIVED status cannot be made ACTIVE again.