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This enumeration type contains a list of usage values for using item conditions. Currently, the only supported value is 'RESTRICTED'.

Type that uses UsageEnum


Call that uses UsageEnum


This value indicates that the usage of the corresponding item condition in the corresponding category is restricted to users who are eligible to use that item condition in the category. usage:RESTRICTED applies to items with these conditions:
  • ConditionId 2000 (CERTIFIED_REFURBISHED)
  • ConditionId 2010 (EXCELLENT_REFURBISHED)
  • ConditionId 2020 (VERY_GOOD_REFURBISHED)
  • ConditionId 2030 (GOOD_REFURBISHED)
Note: Condition IDs 2010, 2020, and 2030 are only usable in the category Cell Phones & Smartphones - 9355. These IDs will become available beginning September 1, 2021. Sellers must be pre-approved to use these item conditions.