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This guide provides information on extending Seller Hub programmatically through a RESTful API. Sellers can upload feeds using the task resource (part of the Sell Feed API, a REST web service) with Seller Hub feed types, and their feed data file. The feed data file is the same one as used with Seller Hub. Uploading feeds allow sellers to:

  • Add, revise, and end listings (FX_LISTING)

  • Provide the status of your orders and be used for order fulfillment. This allows updates to fulfillment related information like tracking, shipping carriers, and similar details (FX_FULFILLMENT)

Note: The same feed file is used with Seller Hub and with the Sell Feed API feeds.

This guide contains an overview of using Seller Hub feed types, describes how to use them with the Sell Feed API including the data files (the Seller Hub feed flow), and provides additional reference information.