The eBay APIs have been tested with the Java, Microsoft .NET, and Python environments. Refer to the following sites for additional information and downloads:

  • Java

    Available Java services include:

    • Oracle Corporation: Download Center: Java
    • Apache Software Foundation: Apache Axis2/Java

      Note: When using Apache Axis, you only need the .jar files that are necessary for consuming Web services (i.e., on the client side). However, it may be convenient to install the product on an application server so that you can test your ability to post SOAP messages to a server other than eBay's SOAP API gateway. The standard installation instructions for Apache Axis assume you are installing the product on an application server and include information about where to find a free application server.

  • .NET

    Available .NET services include:

  • Python

    Download the eBay Software Development Kit for Python.

If you choose to try a different client, verify that it supports document-style messaging — RPC-style messaging is not supported by eBay. Also, eBay APIs only support the UTF-8 encoding scheme.

For information about programming using the Java, .NET or Python eBay SDKs, refer to eBay SDKs.