Whether a seller is only going to contribute a percentage of the proceeds to another registered nonprofit organization, or if the seller is a nonprofit direct seller, the Item.Charity container must be included in an add/revise/relist call to indicate the nonprofit organization that will be receiving some or all of the proceeds. The Item.Charity.CharityID field will identify the target nonprofit organization. For all sellers who are not nonprofit direct sellers, the Item.Charity.DonationPercent field must also be passed in through an add/revise/relist call to indicate the percentage of the sale proceeds that will go toward that nonprofit organization for each sale. The supported values for this float field range from 10.0 to 100.0, and any percentage value in between these two must be in increments of 5.0, so 15.0, 20.0, 25.0, and all the way up to 95.0 and 100.0.

Interested nonprofit organizations should visit the PayPal Giving Fund website to register.

To search for registered nonprofit organizations to support:

The eBay for Charity site allows eBay users to save registered organizations to a list of their favorite charities. These charities will then be linked to the eBay user's account.

Refer to Charity listings policy for additional information.

Retrieve the CharityID

Calling getCharityOrgs returns a list of charityOrgs.charityOrgId values in the charityOrgs array. These are the values that can then be passed in via the Item.Charity.CharityID field to support the specified charity.

Note: The GetCharities call in the Trading API should no longer be used as it has been decommissioned effective September 18, 2023.