Key calls used for communication between members are:

  • AddMemberMessageAAQToPartner

    Enables a buyer and seller on either side of an order to send messages to each other within 90 days of the creation of the order. Messages are sent to the eBay user's My Messages inbox.

  • AddMemberMessageRTQ

    Enables a seller to reply to a question about an active item listing. This message is sent to the eBay user's My Messages inbox.

  • AddMemberMessagesAAQToBidder

    Enables a seller to contact both bidders and users who have made offers (via Best Offer) during an active listing. This message is sent to the eBay user's My Messages inbox.

  • GetMemberMessages

    Retrieves messages posted to the Ask Seller A Question (ASQ) messaging system.

    Buyers can ask sellers questions via the marketplace, and sellers can respond to these ASQ messages by using this call or the AddMemberMessageRTQ call.

  • GetMyMessages

    Retrieves the given user's messages sent by other users, or alerts sent by eBay. The information returned can vary depending on the detail level requested.

  • ReviseMyMessages

    Changes the state (both read and flagged) for selected messages in the Inbox or My Messages folders of a given user, and moves messages between folders.

  • ReviseMyMessagesFolders

    Modifies (i.e., renames, removes, or restores,) the specified My Messages folder for a given user. This call can also create a new My Messages folder.

    Note: A user's Inbox and Sent folders cannot be revised.

  • DeleteMyMessages

    Deletes selected messages from the My Messages folders of a given user.

  • SetMessagePreferences

    Enables a seller to add custom Ask Seller a Question (ASQ) subjects to the seller's Ask a Question page, or to reset custom subjects to their default values.

  • GetMessagePreferences

    Returns a seller's Ask Seller a Question (ASQ) subjects, each in its own Subject node. If the seller has not customized the ASQ subjects with SetMessagePreferences, the call returns the current default values.