An eBay Stores seller can create up to three levels of custom categories within their Store, either using the eBay marketplace or the API, and up to 300 custom categories can be added. Custom categories are often given names that sound like store departments. When executing AddItem or any call in the AddItem family of calls, the seller can specify one of these custom categories to place the item within that store category. The custom category information is only applicable when the listing is viewed in the seller's Store.

If a user is an eBay Stores seller, additional fields are returned in GetItem.

User Information For eBay Stores Sellers

Item Property Purpose
Item.Storefront.StoreCategoryID and Item.Storefront.StoreCategory2ID Enables a seller to associate a listing to one or two of their customized store categories. Each custom category has a unique ID that is assigned by eBay when the custom category is created. The GetItem call also returns these fields, and if a specific store category was not used at listing time, that item automatically goes into the default "Other" category, which uses '1' as its identifier for all sellers.
SellerInfo.StoreOwner Indicates whether the specified seller owns an eBay Store. Output only.
SellerInfo.StoreURL URL pointing to the seller's eBay Store page, if any. Output only.

Listing US eBay Motors items in an eBay store

A seller's motor vehicle listings will also appear in that seller's eBay Store.