Help with My Developer Account

My password has all the required characters, but I cannot register

This typically occurs when you include a symbol (e.g., “&”) that is not permitted according to the list of supported symbols.

In the example below, the password meets the length requirements and includes all the correct types of characters, but it also includes a symbol that is not permitted.

Password errors may also occur if you use a very weak password, such as a value that is too similar to the word “password” itself.

I cannot reset my eBay developer username or password

If you forgot your developer username, please login with the email that you used to register.

  • Note: We will not reset the eBay developer username or password manually due to the sensitive nature of the data. Please follow the steps below (To reset your developer password) or register a new account here.
  • If you cannot access your registered email, see the next topic on this page.
  • Your developer account is separate from your eBay member account.
  • Use your eBay member account to login to the developer forums.
  • For Sandbox login issues, see Help with the eBay Sandbox

To reset your developer password:

  1. Go to
    This screen lets you select where to receive a PIN.
  2. Enter your username or email.
  3. Select Email the PIN.
  4. Enter the CAPTCHA text on the form.
  5. Click Send Now to verify your email.
  6. On the second form, verify that the email shown is the correct email.
  7. Enter the new CAPTCHA text on the second form.
  8. Click Confirm.
    If a developer account matches your email, you will receive the PIN within a few minutes.
  9. If you do not receive a PIN within 30 minutes, please check the following article for more details.
  10. If you feel you have completed all steps successfully, and did not receive a PIN, please fill in the form below for assistance.

My email address changed, so I cannot receive the PIN to reset my password

We cannot modify sensitive developer/contact information manually. You will have to either use the old email address temporarily to get your PIN or you will have to register a new account here.

Please delete my developer account (GDPR)

For a faster response, please login and file a free App Check ticket with the subject “Please delete my developer account (GDPR)”.

If you cannot login, you will need to provide sufficient information to prove that the account is yours. Please use the form below.

If you have multiple developer accounts, submit separate requests to delete each account.

Note: After your account is deleted, you will no longer have any developer account history.
  • For additional details regarding GDPR please check the following article.

Contact Details

Application Keys

Confirmation email

Problem in verifying my email address during registration

eBay Developers Program requires verification whenever an email address is selected to register for a developer account. You cannot access your developer account until you verify it.

This topic is only for verifying your email while registering a developer account. If you need help resetting your username or password please see "I cannot reset my eBay developer username or password" above.

Note: Your username and email may not have successfully registered in our system. Please try the registration flow again,, using the SAME username and email tried previously.

  • If you are still having issues please check the following article for more details.
  • If this topic did not resolve your issue please fill in the form below for assistance.

My account registration was rejected

Please fill in all forms below.

Help with User Tokens

My OAuth token expired

First, verify that you are using the correct type of token:

  • REST API calls that only do searches (e.g., the Browse API) can use an Application access token.
  • REST API calls that get a user’s personal data must use a User access token.

User tokens typically expire within two hours. Therefore, if you’re using a tool like the eBay API Explorer, Postman, or SOAPui to test your requests and you’re pasting in a user token, please keep in mind that you’ll need to get a new user token every 2 hours or so.

To update a user token without signing into eBay every time, configure a refresh token, and then use it to get new user access tokens programmatically.

For details on managing OAuth tokens, see:

My Auth 'n' Auth token expired

To renew your user tokens without signing into your developer account, implement support to Get Tokens from your application.

To update your token manually from within your developer account:

  1. Go to the User Tokens page for your Production AppID, and follow the instructions to “Get a User Token Here”.
  2. Choose Production as the environment and Auth 'n' Auth as the token type.
  3. Click the blue button to sign into eBay’s Production site. You will be redirected to sign in to eBay.
  4. On the eBay sign-in page, enter the eBay username and password for the eBay member.
  5. On the next screen, consent to allow the application to access that member’s data.
  6. After you are redirected back to the User Tokens page on, you will see the token for that user.
    The token will not be stored in your developer account. You can copy the token and save it locally. The token will expire after 18 months.
I need to change my application or company name

To change the application name on your customized eBay sign-in form yourself, edit the Display Title for your RUname in Get a Token from eBay via Your Application.

You will need to file a Premium Support ticket to update the following fields in your developer account:

  • Application keyset name
  • Company name

Help for New Members

I need information about the permitted uses of eBay's API

eBay APIs are intended for eBay members (and developers acting on their behalf) to grow their buying and/or selling business on eBay.

Sellers can use the API to manage end-to-end selling activities, from inventory management through fulfillment and feedback. Buyers can use the API to browse and search for items, manage watch lists, place bids and buy it now, and even complete checkout (if eligible).

We typically do not permit other uses of eBay data.

We recommend that you review the eBay API License Agreement carefully before you develop your application.

I need tips to get started

Access to our APIs is available for free. See our membership tiers for details.

Overview of eBay APIs:

To begin trying our APIs, start with these resources:

Help with the eBay Sandbox

I cannot login to the Sandbox

When you first create a Sandbox user, eBay adds “TESTUSER_” at the beginning of your Sandbox test user name.

This means that when you sign into the Sandbox, you need to also enter “TESTUSER_” as part of your login name in the username field.

I need to reset my Sandbox user password

If you forgot a test user's Sandbox password, create a new Sandbox test user by using the Register for Sandbox form in your developer account.

If you prefer to keep using an existing test user, please send us the following information so that we can reset the test user's password:

I need to link my eBay and PayPal Sandbox accounts

Provide the following information:

I need to change my Sandbox account type to "Business"

Use this link to change your test user's account type:

After you submit the change, you will be redirected to the eBay Sandbox home page. Although you will not receive a confirmation, your account type will be changed.

Help with Specific eBay APIs or SDKs

I need to increase my API Call Limits

See the eBay API Call Limits page for the default call limits and maximum limits.

Periodically check your current API usage on the Reports tab for your App ID in your developer accout.

For higher limits, please review the requirements before completing our free app check.

I made no changes to my code; but now I am receiving errors

Please check our API Status page to make sure there are no known issues with the API:

If you need further assistance to isolate the root cause in your case, please use these support channels:

I have a technical use case that isn't described here
For all other technical questions, please use these support channels:

To expedite your request, provide your JSON or XML eBay request/response samples, along with steps to reproduce the issue. If you use the forums, be careful to not expose the token or your application credentials when you include the samples.

Help with eBay Buying and Selling

I heard about "STP" and I want to enable it on my eBay account

Thank you for your inquiry in to eBay’s discount pricing program, specifically for access to strike-through pricing (STP). Unfortunately, we are no longer handling individual requests to enable STP for sellers.

The following resources are available for enabling discount pricing:

Seller Hub Marketing tools – Seller Hub provides easy access to marketing tools for eBay Stores subscribers, including Promotions Manager, which lets you create special offers that encourage buyers to shop more of your items and spend more on each order.

Promotions manager: Sale event + markdown – the Sale event + markdown promotion type provides a way to put your store items on sale, creating promotions that are seasonal, for specific holidays, for specific categories, or just to clear out inventory.

Marketing API – the Marketing API lets sellers and merchants manage the life cycle of promoted listings and item promotions and generate reports. The methods in the promotion-related resources give you programmatic access to the capabilities of Promotions Manager so you can scale and customize the experience of creating and managing item promotions.

I'm a buyer or seller, and I need to contact eBay Customer Service

For most eBay sites, you can use "https://www.ebay.<extension>/help/home", which will redirect you to the Customer Service for your region. For example:


An error says I violated an eBay policy

This typically occurs due to a violation of one or more seller performance standards or policies:

If you’re using one of the AddItem family of calls, there might be additional details in the Message tag in the response.

If you receive an "International Selling Agreement" error, see these resources:

If you are not sure how to tell whether you’ve opted in or out, please contact eBay Customer Service to check your seller account settings. See "I'm a buyer or seller, and I need to contact eBay Customer Service" above.

Help with Other eBay Topics

I have a cool idea for eBay’s Business

Members of the eBay Developers Program are welcome to create their own products and experiences, leveraging our publicly available APIs, in accordance with our API License Agreement and policies.

eBay API License Agreement

Selling on eBay

Buying on eBay

If you are looking to share other ideas, proposals, or suggestions with eBay regarding our business, products, and capabilities, please read eBay's Unsolicited Idea Submissions Policy

I found an issue while using eBay Mobile

You are welcome to provide feedback directly to the eBay Mobile team via either of these eBay community discussion boards: