eBay Finding APIVersion 1.13.0


eBay uses specified details to build a View Item URL and Product URL string in the response. These URLs include correctly formatted affiliate tracking information. When a user clicks through one of these URLs to eBay, the respective affiliate might get a commission, based on the tasks performed by the user.

Type that uses Affiliate:

Calls that use Affiliate:


customId ( string ) [0..1]
You can define an affiliate customId if you want an ID to monitor your marketing efforts. Chose an ID up to up to 256 characters in length. If you are using the eBay Partner Network, and you provide a customId, the tracking URL returned by the eBay Partner Network will contain your customId value.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use customId.

geoTargeting ( boolean ) [0..1]
The lgeo parameter will be used for geo-targeting feature that is already implemented on the affiliate tracking side
See the Field Index to learn which calls use geoTargeting.

networkId ( string ) [0..1]
Specifies your tracking partner for affiliate commissions. Affiliates earn money from eBay for driving traffic to eBay. This field is required if you specify a tracking ID. Depending on your tracking partner, specify one of the following values. Not all partners are valid for all sites. For PlaceOffer, only the eBay Partner Network and Mediaplex are valid:

2 = Be Free
3 = Affilinet
4 = TradeDoubler
5 = Mediaplex
6 = DoubleClick
7 = Allyes
8 = BJMT
9 = eBay Partner Network
See the Field Index to learn which calls use networkId.

trackingId ( string ) [0..1]
Specify the affiliate value obtained from your tracking partner. For the eBay Partner Network, the tracking ID is the provided Campaign ID ("campid"). A Campaign ID is a unique 10-digit number used for associating traffic and is valid across all programs to which you have been accepted. Another example of this value is the Affiliate ID given to you by TradeDoubler.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use trackingId.