eBay Shopping APIVersion 1293


This type is used by the CategoryArray container that is returned in the GetCategoryInfo call. The CategoryArray container consists of high-level information about the category specified in the call request, as well as information on that category's child category.

Type that uses CategoryArrayType:

Call that uses CategoryArrayType:


Category ( CategoryType ) [0..*]
This container consists of high-level details of a category, including its category ID value, full category path (by name and by category ID), its level in the eBay site's category hierarchy, category ID of its parent category, and a boolean value to indicate if it is a listing (leaf) category.

At least one Category container is returned (as long as the category is found based on the CategoryID value that is passed in to the request), and multiple Category containers are returned if the IncludeSelector field is included in the request, set to ChildCategories, and the category has child categories.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use Category.