December 7, 2019
by eBay

eBay Connect, the annual developer conference, took place in June at eBay's main office in San Jose, CA. Attendees got an inside look at eBay’s newest APIs and top initiatives. Although the conference was not open to all developers, we'd like to share some of the insights and resources with the entire developer community.

November 27, 2019
by eBay

eBay requires sellers to specify the item location when they list an item. Although sellers can specify item location as either a valid postal code or as a free-text string identifying the location, sellers should use postal code to specify item location, whenever possible.

October 25, 2019
by eBay

eBay announced changes to the way taxes are processed in situations where eBay collects and remits taxes on behalf of sellers.

There are corresponding API changes to address this new behavior.

October 1, 2019
by eBay

eBay releases the Negotiation API, which lets sellers send discount offers to the buyers who have shown an interest in the seller's listings.

July 19, 2019
by eBay

(Updated: 29-OCT-2019) Starting on March 31, 2020, the eBay Finding API will work over HTTPS only. Any requests submitted via HTTP will fail (applies to both sandbox and production environments). Both environments support HTTPS currently.

January 17, 2019
by eBay

At eBay Connect last summer, we announced that OpenAPI documents are available for all our RESTful APIs. We demonstrated that integration with read-only capabilities takes a few minutes. OAuth client libraries work very well when used alongside API clients generated from the OpenAPI documents.

Our SDKs are open-sourced and provide a full transparency to developers into what is happening in their integrations.