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Published: July 30 2007, 12:53:00 AMUpdated: August 05 2022, 3:10:19 PM

When make GetItem call,  ItemType.getSeller().getEIASToken() always returns null. What is wrong?


   A seller's EIASToken, <Seller>..<EIASToken>.. </EIASToken>..</Seller> is not reported in GetItemResponse payload, even though the API caller is the owner of the item. As a result, attempting to retrieve the property directly via ItemType.getSeller().getEIASToken() operation returns an empty object : null.

  You can get a seller's EIASToken directly through either GetItemTransactions or GetSellerTransactions API call. Although either APIs always return a seller's EIASToken property in any DetailLevel, only GetItemTransactions reports the property  to any caller. 

 You can also get a seller's EIASToken indirectly if you need to retrieve the seller's EIASToken after making GetItem API call.  What you could do are:

  1. extract the seller id: Seller.UserID returned in GetItem

  2. Make GetUser API call  by specifing the seller id obtained in the request


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