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Published: December 04 2008, 12:24:00 PMUpdated: August 08 2022, 2:03:12 PM

I made a call to GetMyeBayBuying and the response shows that BuyerPaidStatus is 'Refunded'.  I'm sure that the buyer paid for the item and did not get their money back.  What's going on?

The issue here might be a case of a partial refund: the buyer pays the full amount for the item, but is refunded some of the money back by the seller.  In this scenario, the BuyerPaidStatus will be 'Refunded', even though the buyer has not actually been refunded the full amount that they paid.

You can determine if a partial refund occurred by making a call to GetItemTransactions for the buyer.  For the transaction you're interested in, look for multiple <ExternalTransaction> nodes.  It might look something like this:



        <FeeOrCreditAmount currencyID="EUR">4.34</FeeOrCreditAmount>
        <PaymentOrRefundAmount currencyID="EUR">209.85</PaymentOrRefundAmount>
        <FeeOrCreditAmount currencyID="EUR">-0.17</FeeOrCreditAmount>
        <PaymentOrRefundAmount currencyID="EUR">-8.95</PaymentOrRefundAmount>


In the case above, look at the FeedOrCreditAmounts.  The top one indicates that the buyer has paid 4.34.  The bottom indicates that they were credited 0.17.  The BuyerPaidStatus of this transaction would be 'Refunded'.


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