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Published: March 18 2011, 1:28:00 PMUpdated: September 10 2022, 12:19:45 AM

I have an item that I listed with domestic (US) and international shipping. Later on I revised the item to have domestic shipping only. However, the list of excluded countries remains on the listings. We'd like to remove the list of excluded countries and also clearly indicate that the item will not be shipped internationally.

In order to remove the exclusions from showing up and to indicate that you are only shipping to the US do the following when you send your revise request -

1. Send <ShipToLocations>US</ShipToLocations> so that the listing will say Ships to: United States, instead of Worldwide.

2. Send <ExcludeShipToLocation>None</ExcludeShipToLocation> to remove the exclusion list from showing up.


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