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Published: March 26 2012, 2:34:00 PMUpdated: September 04 2022, 11:41:49 PM

I am getting various warnings while listing an item in eBay Motors(U.S). What is the reason and how should I fix these warnings?

If you have AutoPay set to True and if you do not have a premiere/business PayPal account linked to your eBay account, you might get these warning :


To fix these warnings, you need to link your premiere/business PayPal account with the eBay account.

For eBay Motors classified ad listing i.e. for the following format, there are some other warnings you might get  :

Format :

< ListingSubtype2>ClassifiedAd </ListingSubtype2>


The major reason behind these warnings is that your eBay account is not subscribed for Local Market for Vehicles. If a user is a Local Market Subscribed Dealer, then he is eligible for Best Offer under Classified Ad format. Individuals listing in classifieds can only post in a non-transactional manner. For individual sellers to use Best Offer, they need to use a National Listing format ( Auction, BIN, etc.). The other warnings are also due to subscription issues.

Production : If you are a subscribed dealer, you might not see these warnings at all. If you are not, you can subscribe by calling the eBay Motors Customer Support.

Sandbox : Unfortunately subscription cannot be enabled in the sandbox enviroment, so you might continue to see these warnings.

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