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Published: April 30 2012, 11:58:00 AMUpdated: August 23 2022, 5:23:53 AM

Do you support shipping to a particular region, but cannot ship to a specific country within that region (Example: Can ship to Europe, but not Italy)?

The Exclude Shipping Location field allows you to block shipping to particular regions or countries. It is important to note that the Exclude Shipping Location field below should only be used if it's necessary to override the default exclusion list set up in your My eBay Site Preferences.The seller should set default exclusion list for both domestic and international shipping in myeBay preferences. The SKU specific exclusion will override the defaults.
The exclusion list would alone not work. the seller will have to set "Buyers in locations to which I don't ship" preference in MyeBay in Buyer requirements.

To set shipping exclusions on eBay, please visit:

Design and implementation

  •  Domestic exclude ship to location is not supported. Domestic exclude shipping locations can still be set in my eBay preferences. Default exclusion list for domestic regions should be sufficient. There is no requirement for sku based overrides in domestic shipping yet. (please confirm).
  •  MIP will support only international exclude ship to locations in international shipping profile.
  •  The code for the exclusion list can be found at CountryCodeType and ShippingRegionCodeType

Example :




"Policy Type": "International Shipping",

"Policy Name": "IntlPolicyWithExclusions",

"Shipping Type": "Flat",

"Shipping Service #1": "UK_RoyalMailAirmailInternational",

"Shipping Service #1 - Cost": "1.99",

"Shipping Service #1 - Cost Per Additional Item": "1.00",

"Shipping Service #1 - Shipping Location #1": "US",

 "Shipping Service #1 - Shipping Location #2": "Worldwide",

 "Shipping Service #2": "UK_ExpeditedInternationalFlatRatePostage",

"Shipping Service #2 - Cost": "5.99",

"Shipping Service #2 - Cost Per Additional Item": "1.00",

"Shipping Service #2 - Shipping Location #1": "US",

 "Shipping Service #2 - Shipping Location #2": "Europe",

 "Apply Promotional Shipping Rule": "false",

"Exclude Shipping Location #1": "Africa",

"Exclude Shipping Location #2": "Asia",

"Exclude Shipping Location #3": "FR",

"Exclude Shipping Location #4": "DE",


Product config:

 if(PRODUCT_INRECORD.intlShipFlag.toString() == "true")
PRODUCT.Policy["InternationalShipping"] = "IntlPolicyWithExclusions";
PRODUCT.Policy["InternationalShipping"] = "Default_intlShipping" ;

 If the buyer's shipping address is a location that you have listed as an excluded location, they will receive an error message if they attempt to buy your item. Specify NONE in this field to clear any default exclusions inherited from your My eBay preferences. For additional exclusions, simply add "Exclude Shipping Location #2", "Exclude Shipping Location #3", etc. as needed.



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