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Published: February 25 2015, 3:55:00 AMUpdated: August 26 2022, 1:48:31 PM


 There are a few different reasons for this error. 


    1. There may be selling limits on your seller account.  


    These selling limits restrict the new seller to a maximum quantity of items per month or to a maximum value of items listed per month. You can check your current selling limits either through Selling Manager Pro or through GetMyeBaySelling API call (some eBay sites do not support this).


  GetMyeBaySelling returns the remaining quantity of items that the seller can sell, and the remaining value amount, via theSummary.AmountLimitRemaining and Summary.QuantityLimitRemaining elements. You need to set SellingSummary.Include to true in the request.



 2. It might be a new seller trying to list on international sites.


     To sell internationally, you must have 10 positive seller scores and have had your first successful sale more than 90 days ago. Please refer to this help page to know the requirements for selling internationally.




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