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Published: January 04 2005, 11:17:00 AMUpdated: July 20 2022, 12:08:27 AM

Q: Can I leave 'follow-up' feedback with the eBay API

A: The eBay API does not currently support leaving 'follow-up' feedback. This also implies that the eBay SDK for Java and eBay SDK for Windows do no support this functionality. Feedback can be left for a seller and for a buyer via the API. Rebuttal feedback is not currently supported in the eBay API.

The LeaveFeedback function does not support leaving responses (rebuttals) and follow-up comments. Buyers and sellers can use the eBay Web site to respond to feedback left by others.

We understand that this is a common developer request and have filed the appropriate feature requests and will keep the community updated on this feature request.

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