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Published: August 31 2005, 2:45:00 PMUpdated: July 25 2022, 9:22:13 AM

How do I set the Paid and Shipped Status for a Transaction in MyeBay?


If you would like to set the Paid and Shipped Status for a Transaction in MyeBay, you can use the CompleteSale call .  

This API call enables a seller to do various tasks after an item transaction or multiple-item order has been created. A seller can leave feedback for the buyer, change the paid status, or set shipment tracking information (or any combination of these).

Detailed Description

This call can only be made for by the seller of the item.

The CompleteSale call is made for a specific Item-Transaction combination. When you use this call, the status will be displayed in MyeBay.

When dealing with orders, you can make the CompleteSale call by specifying the OrderID. ItemID and TransactionID are ignored if you specify OrderID. CompleteSale applies to the specified order as a whole (and thus the child transactions associated with the order). This tag does not apply to items.  When you execute this call, the status of each item within the order will be displayed in My eBay.

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