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Published: June 11 2020, 11:19:00 AMUpdated: July 24 2022, 2:17:08 PM

How to build Platform Notifications in Java?

Detailed Description

This Java Notification listener is implemented with JAXB and SAAJ java frameworks, and the sample code is ready to use. The listener is not supported as production application.

The sample project consists of two main components:
    1. JAXB binding - Binding eBay API Schema using JAXB binding compiler to generate source code
    2. Notification listener project - A web application

   System Requirements:
      - J2SE 6.0 or higher
      - Ant 1.6
      - Tomcat 5.5 ( for HTTPS notification listener)

   Download JAXB and SAAJ
     The JAXB and SAAJ libraries are available as part of the Java Web Services Developer Pack

   Install Java Web Services Developer Pack to directory as : D:/Sun/jwsdp-2.1 and set the JWSDP_HOME system variable to this directory.

   Here are the steps of binding eBay API Schema and building the notification project   
 One can skip the JAXB binding step and use the ebaycore.jar bundled in {pathToNotificatonProjectFolder}/notification/lib folder

   1. Bind eBay API Schema using JAXB binding compiler to generate source code
     - Make sure the jwsdp.home perperty in the attached codeBuilder.xml file points to your JWSDP_HOME.  
        ant -f {pathToNotificatonProjectFolder}/notification/codeBuilder.xml
  NOTE.  Ant program uses the codeBuilder.xml to create java source code from eBay API Schema using xjc JAXB facility, compile all the derived java source code and create ebaycore.jar files

   2. Build notification listener   and create notification.war file  
       > ant -f ${pathToNotificatonProjectFolder}/notification/build.xml  
   3. copy the generated notification.war to your tomcat's webapps directory
   4. Refer to the KB Test Driver- Platform Notification Listener in JAVA  for testing the notification listener.


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