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Published: August 31 2018, 3:30:00 PMUpdated: September 01 2022, 11:32:49 PM

How do Seller's Selling Limits Work?

Let's take ab example and explain how selling limits work.

Consider the below limits are showing on your Seller Account Summary:


352.5Mmore items 

14.3Mlisted and sold / 366.8M limit on quantity of items


$935.5M more 

$564.5Mlisted and sold / $1.5B limit


Let's take 14.3 M listed and sold is calculates taking all the [Active listings (at that point)+Sold lisitngs(that Month)+Unsold listing's( till date) ]"quantities"

Make a note that I put quantities in quotes to let you know that it is the quantities in the Items that is counted towards the Selling limits and not the Item itself.

So if an item has 27 quantities, it counts as 27 towards 14.3 M .


Hence : (45,669 Unsold+ 111,835 Active + Sold( I don't have that data) ) * Quantities for each of them =14.3 M out of 366.8M

The same logic applies to the Amount of $564.5M out of $1.5B


Note: the Sold number always is calculated for the month. Every Month it rests to 0 at the start on the Month.

Hence at the start of the month=  [Active (at that point)+Sold ( is 0 )+Unsold listing's( till date)] *Quantity


Consider a scenario when at the end of the month, there were no sales at for the month, then the Active Listings+Unsold equaled to  366.8M, then the next month although the counter for Sold is 0, the Active (till date)+ Unsold(till date) =366.*M which is the Selling Limits.

Hence you will not be able to list ( add quantities or add new items with quantities) the following month.


Note : I have just provided an example using the Selling Quantity, but it could apply to the Selling Amount($$) too whichever reaches first.


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