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Published: October 20 2006, 4:47:00 PMUpdated: July 28 2022, 9:12:47 AM

A Transaction's total price


 An transaction's total cost is returned in the AmountPaid property in GetItemTransactions or GetSellerTransactions API call.


 1.   If the given transaction has not yet been marked as paid by the item's seller,
      the AmountPaid equals to the TransactionPrice +  the shipping cost defined in AddItem call (returned in  ShippingServiceCost  property).

 2. If the given item's transaction has been paid (marked paid by the seller) then
     the AmountPaid  equals to the TransactionPrice +  the actual shipping cost ( ShippingServiceCost  ) + the shipping insurance (if the buyer has selected it) + the tax (if applicable).



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