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Published: February 02 2007, 4:28:00 PMUpdated: September 01 2022, 12:03:47 AM

We are getting Error 22173 as below for every GetUserContactDetails call we make to the production server.  Who do we need to talk to to get authorised for this call on the UK production server?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

         <ShortMessage>You are not authorized to make this API call.</ShortMessage>
         <LongMessage>You are not authorized to make this API call.</LongMessage>
      <ContactAddress />

Detailed Description


   The possible causes for this error are:
       ---  You are not the owner of the given item nor the buyer who has made bid or placed offer to the item.  It's required,  to use GetUserContactDetails api, there must be a 'bidding' relationship between two parties: the caller and the <ContactID > specified in the GetUserContactDetails request.

      --- The item in question is not listed in eBay Motor or eBay Business & Industrial category. The GetUserContactDetails only supports eBay US Motors (SiteID 100) or Business & Industrial category


     To work around Error 22173  is to make sure to satisfy the GetUserContactDetails Prerequisites.

 Additional Resources

  Documentation: GetUserContactDetails


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