Note: This version of the Order API (v2) currently only supports the guest payment flow for eBay managed payments. To view the v1_beta version of the Order API, which includes both member and guest checkout payment flows, refer to the Order_v1 API documentation.

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The API release history

The following table lists recent Order API releases.

Release Version

Release Date

Description of Release



Added the ImportChargesV2 type and the ApplicableChargeTypeEnum enumeration type.



Initial release of Order API Version 2.0.0


Added the ImportChargesV2 type and the ApplicableChargeTypeEnum enumeration type to the Order API. These apply to Order API V2 guest checkout transactions.

  • ImportChargesV2 provides the description and amount of the charges, such as VAT, that apply to imported items.
  • ApplicableChargeTypeEnum defines the types of charges that apply. Currently, the only type is CUSTOMS.


This is the initial release of the Order API, Version 2.0.0. For a list of the supported resources and methods, see the Order API Reference.