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This type provides details about the seller's account that received (or is scheduled to receive) a payout.

Type that uses PayoutInstrument


Calls that use PayoutInstrument


This value is the last four digits of the account that the seller uses to receive the payout. This may be the last four digits of a bank account or of a payment processor account such as Payoneer.
This value indicates the type of account that received the payout. The value returned in this field is BANK if the payout is going to a seller's bank account. Alternatively, the value can be the name of a digital wallet provider or payment processor such as PAYONEER.
If the payout instrument type is a bank, this value is a seller-provided nickname that the seller uses to represent the bank account that receives the payout. If the payout instrument is a provider of digital wallet or payment processing services, the value returned is the name of the service provider (for example, 'PAYONEER').