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This type defines the fields for specifying the criterion (selection rule) settings of an ad campaign. If you populate the campaignCriterion object in your createCampaign request, ads for the campaign are created by rule for the listings that meet the criteria you specify, and these ads are associated with the newly created campaign.

Types that use CampaignCriterion


Calls that use CampaignCriterion


A field used to indicate whether listings shall be automatically added to, or removed from, a Promoted Listings campaign based on the rules that have been configured for the campaign.

If set to true, eBay adds all listings matching the campaign criterion to the campaign, including any new listings created from the items in a seller's inventory.

Default: false
This enum defines the criterion (selection rule) types. Currently, the only criterion type supported is INVENTORY_PARTITION, and you must specify this value if you manage your items with the Inventory API and you want to include items based on their inventory reference IDs.

Do not include this field if you manage your listings with Trading API/legacy model.
array of SelectionRule
This container shows all of the rules/inclusion filters used to add listings to the campaign. For information on using the contained fields, see Promoted Listing campaigns.