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An enum that defines the possible states of a campaign.

Type that uses CampaignStatusEnum


Calls that use CampaignStatusEnum


Indicates the campaign is deleted and is no longer accessible. Only ended campaigns can be deleted.
Indicates that the campaign is inactive and in draft status. The campaign can be moved to RUNNING or SCHEDULED status using the launchCampaign method.
Indicates the campaign has ended and it cannot be restarted. The listings associated with this campaign are not being promoted.
Indicates a request to end the campaign was received and the system is going through the process of ending the campaign. No further operations are possible on this campaign until it ends.
Indicates the campaign has been paused and the listings in that campaign are not being promoted. Sellers can pause campaigns when they want to temporarily suspend a campaign. For example, a seller can pause a campaign if they go on vacation. The campaign can restored to a running state at any time.
Indicates the campaign is a criterion-based campaign and is in process of being created.
Indicates the campaign is active. Listings included in the campaign are actively being promoted with sponsored ads, which are displayed to buyers as they search for items on eBay.
Indicates the campaign has been created, but it is scheduled to start on specific date in the future.
Indicates a system-generated, temporary pause on the campaign due to the seller's level dropping to Below Standard. Below Standard sellers cannot create new campaigns or edit their existing campaigns, but they can still view their campaign data and download reports. Once their seller level improves to Above Standard or Top Rated, sellers can resume using Promoted Listings and their campaigns will be automatically unpaused and return their last status. For more details on returning their seller level to Above Standard or Top Rated, sellers can refer to their seller dashboard on the eBay platform.

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