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This type defines the fields returned by request to delete a set of ads by inventory reference ID.

Type that uses DeleteAdsByInventoryReferenceResponse


Call that uses DeleteAdsByInventoryReferenceResponse


array of string
The unique identifier of the ad that was deleted, or the ad that the seller attempted to delete.Note:Although the field name is plural and it is an array, only one ad ID will be returned here since there can be only one ad per listing.
array of ErrorDetailV3
The container for the errors associated with the request.
The inventory reference ID is a seller-defined SKU value for a single-item listing, or a seller-defined identifier for an inventory item group. Both of these values are defined when using the Inventory API, and an inventory item group is used to create a multiple-variation listing.
The enumeration value returned here indicates if the ad was for a single-variation listing or a multiple-variation listing.
An HTTP status code indicating if the corresponding ad was successfully deleted or not. 200 Successful should be returned for successfully deleted ads. Note:A status code is returned for each ad that the seller deletes, or attempts to delete.