eBay APIs (Application Programming Interface) are the front door to our global marketplace platform. They enable our business to expand into new contexts and allow third-party platforms to extend their value proposition. For over 20 years, the eBay Developers Program has provided our developers with capabilities at scale, and in turn they invent and create fantastic buying and selling experiences for their users.

With the eBay Developers Program, you can use program resources to build and offer any of the following tools or services:

  • Selling—create listings, manage inventory, and post-order activities

  • Buying—discover inventory and manage checkout and bidding tasks

  • Searching—customized interfaces for searching the eBay marketplace

  • Affiliate—tools to drive buyers to eBay

  • Customer service functionality—feedback, customer communications

  • Marketing—promoted listings, coupons, discounts, and item promotions

eBay Developers Program membership is free, and you can use virtually any programming language to interface with eBay APIs. We provide RESTful (REST) and SOAP-based APIs as well as software development kits (SDKs). Program in C#, Java, Perl, PHP, Visual Basic or another language, and tap into the comprehensive technical documentation and extensive selection of samples.

If you haven’t joined yet, learn more about the eBay Developers Program or register now.