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Published: July 08 2010, 9:25:00 PMUpdated: September 06 2022, 8:52:11 AM

We get a success response to the CompleteSales request as below, but the ShipmentTrackingNumber specified in the request is not reflected in GetItemTransactions for the transaction in question. What is the problem? 

 <CompleteSaleRequest xmlns="urn:ebay:apis:eBLBaseComponents">



 The possible cause of the issue might be: 

  • The transaction is not yet checked out ( the buyer has not yet gone through the checkout process to pay the item).

As documented : before you can call CompleteSale, an item that you created as a buyer must have gone through a sale (thus creating a transaction) and pay the item.  Use GetItemTransactions or GetSellerTransactions to retrieve a list of the transactions that have checkedout as: <CheckoutStatus>CheckoutComplete</CheckoutStatus>.


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