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Published: March 30 2012, 4:17:00 PMUpdated: September 05 2022, 2:21:13 AM

Why am I getting the following error:

  <ShortMessage>The item cannot be listed or modified.</ShortMessage>
  <LongMessage>The item cannot be listed or modified. The title and/or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may be in violation of eBay policy.</LongMessage>
  <ErrorParameters ParamID="0">
  <Value><div> <div class="errPanel"><div class="panel-n"><div class="panel-e"><div class="panel-w"></div></div></div><div class="panel-head"><table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"><tr><td class="panel-icon"></td><td class="err-msg"><div><b class="error">You’ve exceeded the number of items and dollar amount you can list.</b></div><div><p>You can list up to&nbsp;100 items or up to&nbsp;$5,000.00 this month, whichever comes first. <a href="" target="_blank">Learn about selling limits </a>or <a href="" target="_blank">request higher selling limits.</a></p></div></td></tr></table></div><div class="panel-s"><div class="panel-e"><div class="panel-w"></div></div></div></div> </div><font color="#BEBEBE" size="1">{e38100-641918x}</font></Value>


How to triage an issue with your selling limits

Detailed Description

Every seller has selling limits.  If you reach your limits you will see an error message similar to the one above.  Here are a few steps to help triage the issue.

1.  It is always best to check your selling limits first.  Click My eBay at the top of most eBay pages, sign in to your account, then select the All Selling option in the Sell section on the left side of the page (or in the Selling Manager Summary).  The Monthly selling limits section shows your current selling activity relative to your monthly limits.  

2.  Once you have reviewed your selling limits, if you feel you have reached those limits in error, please contact your account manager.

*NOTE - It is very important to understand how the limits are calculated.  Both quantity and multi variation amounts count towards the selling limit.  For example, one item with a quantity of 500 is 500 items towards these limits, or one item with 5 variations and a quantity of 500 for each variation would be 2500 items towards the limits (meaning that multi variations will have a multi count towards those limits).  The following link will provide more information,

Additional Resources


Error Code 240 - Improper words, violation of eBay policy error:

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