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  • Important: Due to EU & UK Payments regulatory requirements, an additional security verification via Digital Signatures is required for certain API calls that are made by EU/UK sellers. Please refer to Digital Signatures for APIs to learn more on the impacted APIs and the process to create signature to be included in the HTTP payload.

  • OpenAPI Specification - Version 2.0 for all of our RESTful APIs will no longer be available starting April 5, 2023. We will continue leveraging OpenAPI Specification - Version 3.0 for new features in our RESTful APIs.

The Browse API has the following resources:

  • item_summary: Lets shoppers search for specific items by keyword, GTIN, category, charity, product, image Experimental Method(Experimental Method), or item aspects and refine the results by using filters, such as aspects, compatibility, and fields values, or UI parameters.
  • item:
    • Lets you retrieve the details of a specific item or all the items in an item group, which is an item with variations such as color and size and check if a product is compatible with the specified item, such as if a specific car is compatible with a specific part.
    • Provides a bridge between the eBay legacy APIs, such as Finding, and the RESTful APIs, which use different formats for the item IDs.

The item_summary, search_by_image, and item resource calls require an Application access token.


Method NameHTTP MethodPathSummarySamples
searchGET/item_summary/searchSearches for eBay items by various URI query parameters and retrieves summaries of the items.

Optionally, you can also apply field filters, return refinements, such as condition or category, sort the result set, and control the number of items returned in the result set.
View search - /item_summary/search
searchByImagePOST/item_summary/search_by_imageSearches for eBay items based on a Base64 string of an image.View searchByImage - /item_summary/search_by_image


Method NameHTTP MethodPathSummarySamples
getItemGET/item/{item_id}Retrieves the details of the specified item.View getItem - /item/{item_id}
getItemByLegacyIdGET/item/get_item_by_legacy_idRetrieves item details and returns the REST ID of an item using a legacy ID.

Legacy ids are returned by eBay traditional APIs, such as the Finding API.
View getItemByLegacyId - /item/get_item_by_legacy_id
getItemsGET/item/Retrieves the details for multiple items.View getItems - /item/
getItemsByItemGroupGET/item/get_items_by_item_groupRetrieves the details for individual items (variations) in the specified item group.View getItemsByItemGroup - /item/get_items_by_item_group
checkCompatibilityPOST/item/{item_id}/check_compatibilityChecks if the specified product is compatible with the specified item. For example: If a specific car is compatible with a specific part.View checkCompatibility - /item/{item_id}/check_compatibility