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The type that defines the fields for the details of a specific item.

Type that uses ItemSummary


Calls that use ItemSummary


array of Image
An array of containers with the URLs for the images that are in addition to the primary image. The primary image is returned in the image.imageUrl field.
This indicates if the item is for adults only. For more information about adult-only items on eBay, refer to the Adult items policy.
This boolean attribute indicates if coupons are available for the item.
This integer value indicates the total number of bids that have been placed for an auction item. This field is only returned for auction items.
array of string
A comma separated list of all the purchase options available for the item.

Values Returned:
    Indicates the buyer can purchase the item for a set price using the Buy It Now button.
    Indicates the buyer can place a bid for the item. After the first bid is placed, this becomes a live auction item and is the only buying option for this item.
    Items where the buyer can send the seller a price they are willing to pay for the item. The seller can accept, reject, or send a counter offer. For additional information about Best Offer, refer to Adding Best Offer to your listing and sending offers to buyers.
    Indicates that the final sales transaction is to be completed outside of the eBay environment.
array of Category
This array returns the name and ID of each category associated with the item, including top level, branch, and leaf categories.
This indicates how well an item matches the compatibility_filter product attributes.

Valid Values:
This container returns only the product attributes that are compatible with the item. These attributes were specified in the compatibility_filter in the request. This means that if you passed in 5 attributes and only 4 are compatible, only those 4 are returned. If none of the attributes are compatible, this container is not returned.
The text describing the condition of the item, such as New or Used. For a list of condition names, refer to Item Condition IDs and Names.
The identifier of the condition of the item. For example, 1000 is the identifier for NEW. For a list of condition names and IDs, refer to Item Condition IDs and Names.
This container returns the current highest bid for an auction item. The value field shows the dollar value of the current highest bid, and the currency field (3-digit ISO code) denotes the currency associated with that bid value. This field is only returned for auction items.
This container returns the distance away that the item is from the pickupPostalCode value that was supplied in the method request. This container is only returned if the "local pickup" filter fields are used in the request.
This indicates the European energy efficiency rating (EEK) of the item. Energy efficiency ratings apply to products listed by commercial vendors in electronics categories only.

Currently, this field is only applicable for the Germany site, and is returned only if the seller specifies the energy efficiency rating through item specifics at listing time. Rating values include A+++, A++, A+, A, B, C, D, E, F, and G.
An ePID is the eBay product identifier of a product from the eBay product catalog. This indicates the product in which the item belongs.
The URL to the primary image of the item.
The URL to the View Item page of the item which includes the affiliate tracking ID.

Note: In order to receive commissions on sales, eBay Partner Network affiliates must use this URL to forward buyers to the listing on the eBay marketplace.
The itemAffiliateWebUrl is returned only if:
  • The marketplace through which the item is being viewed is part of the eBay Partner Network. Currently Singapore (EBAY_SG) is not supported.

    For additional information, refer to eBay Partner Network.
  • The seller enables affiliate tracking for the item by including the X-EBAY-C-ENDUSERCTX request header in the method.
The date and time when the item listing was created. This value is returned in UTC format (yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm:ss.sssZ), which you can convert into the local time of the buyer.
The date and time up to which the item can be purchased. This value is returned in UTC format (yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm:ss.sssZ), which you can convert into the local time of the buyer.

Note: This field is not returned for Good 'Til Cancelled (GTC) listings.
The HATEOAS reference of the parent page of the item group. An item group is an item that has various aspect differences, such as color, size, storage capacity, etc.

Note: This field is returned only for item groups.
The indicates the item group type. An item group is an item that has various aspect differences, such as color, size, storage capacity, etc.

Currently only the SELLER_DEFINED_VARIATIONS is supported and indicates this is an item group created by the seller.

Note: This field is returned only for item groups.
The URI for the Browse API getItem method, which can be used to retrieve more details about items in the search results.
The unique RESTful identifier of the item.
This container returns the location of the item. This container consists of fields you typically see for an address, including postal code, county, state/province, street address, city, and country (2-digit ISO code).
The URL to the View Item page of the item. This enables you to include a "Report Item on eBay" hyperlink that takes the buyer to the View Item page on eBay. From there they can report any issues regarding this item to eBay.
array of string
The leaf category IDs of the item. When the item belongs to two leaf categories, the ID values are returned in the order primary, secondary.
The unique identifier of the eBay listing that contains the item. This is the traditional/legacy ID that is often seen in the URL of the listing View Item page.
The ID of the eBay marketplace on which the seller listed the item.
This container is returned if the item is eligible for a seller discount and contains the item's original price, and the seller discount amount and percentage.
This container returns the local pickup options available to the buyer. This container is returned only if the user is searching for local pickup items and set the local pickup filters in the method request.
The price of the item after it has been converted into another currency.

The price includes the value-added tax (VAT) for applicable jurisdictions when requested from supported marketplaces. In this case, users must do one or more of the following to view VAT-inclusive pricing:
  • Pass the X-EBAY-C-MARKETPLACE-ID request header specifying the supported marketplace (such as EBAY_GB)
  • Pass the contextualLocation values for the supported marketplace in the X-EBAY-C-ENDUSERCTX request header
  • Specify the supported marketplace using the deliveryCountry filter URI parameter (such as filter=deliveryCountry:GB)
Note: For more information on VAT, refer to Your VAT Obligations in the UK & EU.
Indicates when in the buying flow the item's price can appear for minimum advertised price (MAP) items, which is the lowest price a retailer can advertise/show for this item.
This field is returned as true if the listing is part of a Promoted Listing campaign. Promoted Listings are available to Above Standard and Top Rated sellers with recent sales activity.

Note: Priority Listing is returned only with a Best Match sort and will not be returned for other sort options.
array of string
An array of the qualified programs available for the item, such as EBAY_PLUS, AUTHENTICITY_GUARANTEE, and AUTHENTICITY_VERIFICATION.

eBay Plus is a premium account option for buyers, which provides benefits such as fast, free domestic shipping and free returns on selected items. Top-Rated eBay sellers must opt in to eBay Plus to be able to offer the program on qualifying listings. Sellers must commit to next-day delivery of those items.

Note: eBay Plus is available only to buyers in the Germany, Austria, and Australia marketplaces.

The eBay Authenticity Guarantee program enables third-party authenticators to perform authentication verification inspections on items such as watches and sneakers.
This container returns basic information about the seller of the item, such as name, feedback score, etc.
This container returns the shipping options available to ship the item.
This text string is derived from the item condition and the item aspects (such as size, color, capacity, model, brand, etc.) Sometimes the title does not provide enough information but the description is too big. Surfacing the shortDescription can often provide buyers with the additional information that could help them make a buying decision.

For example:
"title": "Petrel U42W FPV Drone RC Quadcopter w/HD Camera Live Video One Key Off / Landing",
"shortDescription": "1 U42W Quadcopter. Syma X5SW-V3 Wifi FPV RC Drone Quadcopter 2.4Ghz 6-Axis Gyro with Headless Mode. Syma X20 Pocket Drone 2.4Ghz Mini RC Quadcopter Headless Mode Altitude Hold. One Key Take Off / Landing function: allow beginner to easy to fly the drone without any skill.",

Restriction: This field is returned by the search method only when fieldgroups = EXTENDED.
array of Image
An array of thumbnail images for the item.
The seller-created title of the item.

Maximum Length: 80 characters
This indicates if the item is a top-rated plus item. There are three benefits of a top-rated plus item: a minimum 30-day money-back return policy; shipping the item in 1 business day with tracking provided; and the added comfort of knowing that this item is from an experienced seller with the highest buyer ratings. For more information, refer to Look for Top Rated Plus Items and Seller performance overview.
The URL to the image that shows the information on the tyre label.
The price per unit for the item. Some European countries require listings for certain types of products to include the price per unit so buyers can accurately compare prices.

For example:
"unitPricingMeasure": "100g",
"unitPrice": {
  "value": "7.99",
  "currency": "GBP"
The designation, such as size, weight, volume, count, etc., that was used to specify the quantity of the item. This helps buyers compare prices.

For example, the following tells the buyer that the item is 7.99 per 100 grams.
"unitPricingMeasure": "100g",
"unitPrice": {
  "value": "7.99",
  "currency": "GBP"
The number of users that have added the item to their watch list.

Note: This field is restricted to applications that have been granted permission to access this feature. You must submit an App Check ticket to request this access. In the App Check form, add a note to the Application Title/Summary and/or Application Details fields indicating that you want access to Watch Count data in the Browse API.