The sell Feed API allows you to customize and download order and customer service metrics reports, to acknowledge fulfilled orders, and feed files associated with existing LMS API and File Exchange flows. The following feed flows are available (see the specific flows for integration details):

Note: For basic information on the Sell Feed API flow, see General Sell Feed API Tasks (Flows).

  • Working with Order Feeds - The Sell Feed API lets you generate and retrieve order reports, and to acknowledge and clear fulfilled orders from the report.
  • Creating Schedules - Create a schedule (based on a template) that generates reports for a specified feed type.
  • Customer Service Metrics Report - Customize and download customer service metrics reports.
  • LMS Feed API Guide - The Sell Feed API provides feed types for sellers looking for a complete and scalable deep integration workflow with existing/in-house ERP. Also see the LMS Migration Guide.
  • File Exchange Feeds - The Sell Feed API provides feed types for sellers having a hybrid-business workflow. These feed types leverage Seller Hubs' UI-based file feeds and adds programmatic integrations. See the File Exchange Migration Guide.